To connect people in sharing time and talents to meet needs, improve systems, and address community issues throughout Dane County.

A Message from our Executive Director

An important message from TimeBank Executive Director, Lorrie Hurckes Dwyer, on our priority and commitment in moving forward with facilitating exchanges and coordinating projects through a racial and restorative justice lens.

TimeBank members are a caring and interconnected community of people who help each other by sharing their abilities, talents, and experiences. When members provide a service for another member, they earn one TimeBank Hour for each hour they spend providing the service – everyone’s time and talents are valued equally. Members exchange each TimeBank Hour they earn for an hour of service from someone else within the network.

Project Updates

Transformative Action Network Project

Ending Violence Against Black Children: an interview with Dr. Damita Brown
Blog - April 7 - Ryan Eykholt, Transportation Coordinator

The Garden Project Project

Transportation Project

Embedded thumbnail for Transportation Update 3/26/20Transportation Update 3/26/20
Video Update - March 26 - Ryan Eykholt, Transportation Coordinator

Restorative Justice Project

Choosing Liberation
Blog - March 26 - Damita Brown, Restorative Justice Director
Embedded thumbnail for Restorative Justice HotlineRestorative Justice Hotline
Video Update - March 20 - Kayasia Blake, Restorative Justice Coordinator
Embedded thumbnail for Restorative Justice UpdateRestorative Justice Update
Video Update - March 19 - Alexis Gardner, Restorative Justice Coordinator

TimeBank News

TimeBank Update - Responding To Coronavirus Impacts

Mar 20 2020 Hello all, In these uncertain times we will continue to love and support one another.  The TimeBank will continue to stay focused on our mission of connecting people in sharing time and talents to meet needs, improve systems, and address community issues throughout Dane County and our vision of creating an interconnected community in which meaningful relationships drive collective change. We will center racial, restorative, and economic justice in our work. We will get through this together. TimeBank transitions in response to Coronavirus Projects Member Coordinators...